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Here is where we say "Thanks!" to all the people who have supported us through the years.

This list is presented in no particular order, and with our apologies to those who deserve to be listed, but, for some reason, have been neglected. If we have overlooked you, please let us know.

Eric Homa, N6NMZ

Donation of computer and electronic gear

Ken Kreutzer

Volunteer, Aug-Oct 2008

"Doc" Hendrickson - KG6ZIN

Creation of the current HFE Logo

Tony Roberto - KD7ZGA

Many volunteer hours, sorting resistors, straightening out the wire rack, and much more

Jeff Hudgins

Interesting donations

Dale Tucker - Tucker Broadcast Surplus, Inc.

Multiple donations of books and miscellaneous computer equipment

Marv Gaydosh

Technical Support, Various Donations

Gerry Mitchelmore - AB7G

Donations, including air variable capacitors

Dave Tittle

Laptop donation

Matt Huffmaster - Computer Services

Computer hardware donations

Gary Schroeder

Parts donations

Kira Evans

Computer hardware donations

Charles Mues

Many volunteer hours, cleaning the disastrous back room

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